Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Predicting that Botox would lead to new pain medication?

Recent research has led to the discovery of a new molecule to alleviate pain, and interestingly it's something that was created from Botox.

Professor Bazbek Davletov together with a team of scientists from 11 research institutes, using a new way of joining and rebuilding molecules, created and characterized a new molecule able to alleviate hypersensitivity to inflammatory pain. By using elements of Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium tetani neurotoxins, commonly known as Botox and tetanus toxin respectively, the scientists developed a molecule with new biomedical properties without unwanted toxic effects.

Professor Davletov said, "Currently painkillers relieve lingering pain only temporarily and often have unwanted side effects. A single injection of the new molecule at the site of pain could potentially relieve pain for many months in humans and this now needs to be tested. We hope that the engineered molecule could improve the quality of life for those people who suffer from chronic pain. We are now negotiating transfer of the technology to a major pharmaceutical company."

How awesome is that? A technology in one industry leads to a new technology in a completely different and much more important industry!

Now I'm no advocate of using Botox but I sure am an advocate of capitalism! People should produce and buy to their hearts content, regardless if some people think that using certain products is not in anyone's best interest.

The truth is that we can't reasonably predict which technologies today will lead to which technologies tomorrow.

Consider how this would work in a communist society. Botox could never be invented, since it wouldn't be seen as in the best interest of the collective. The state would put a restriction on the research and production of cosmetic enhancing technologies like Botox. As a consequence, this involuntary restriction on free trade acts as a barrier to the creation of this new awesome life-enhancing technology.

And analogous to technologies, we can't reasonably predict which goals today will lead to which goals tomorrow.

Consider how this would work in a traditional (authoritarian) family. The father, if he believes that Botox is not in his teenagers' best interest, would not allow his teenagers to buy Botox, but this is wrong for the same reason as with communism. Forcing a choice on a person won't help him learn why that choice is in his best interest. Only persuasion can work. A person will change his mind, about what his goals should be, either voluntarily, or not at all. And forcing a choice on him is actually a barrier to him learning why that choice is in his best interest. So force is a barrier to changing one's goals.

How will a person learn to replace his current goals with better ones if his parents don't allow him to have his own goals? It doesn't work. And that's why freedom is the only way it can work.

Governments often do not know what is best for its citizens, like parents often do not know what is best for their children. So governments should not set themselves up as authorities controlling the actions of their citizens, like parents should not do that to their children.

Capitalism is the only way that works! Freedom is the only way!

So yay capitalism! Yay freedom!


For more on capitalism, see Elliot Temple's essay on capitalism.

For more on parenting, see my essay on parenting.

Paper reference: Synthetic Self-Assembling Clostridial Chimera for Modulation of Sensory Functions Bioconjugate Chemistry, DOI: 10.1021/bc4003103

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